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A more thorough account

Kate's birthday party was very laid back and a lot of fun. The pictures have been uploaded. Our friends, the Grosses, hosted it, which was awesome. GP, Nana, Aunt Laura and Uncle Robbie came up from North Carolina. "Aunt" Beth was there before she took off for Covenant Seminary. "Uncle Chris and Aunt G'eve" were present, as well as the Maddoxes. Only one of Kate's favorite families couldn't make it (the Constantinos) because they were on vacation.

The cake eating was hilarious. I made Kate her own sugar-free apple cinnamon raisin carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (which was actually pretty good, believe it or not.) She attacked it with style and the rest of us got a kick out of watching her.

Kate received some really fun toys, cds and books at the party but I'm especially excited about her new wagon (thanks GP and Nana!)


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