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20 months old

Kate says the funniest little things now, like "Let's pray!" before every meal. She still rarely says one, but counts correctly "two, tree, four, fibe, six, sebn." She loves to count and will recount her crackers as she eats them. Speaking of meal time, the other day I said, "Do you want some crackers and os and fruit for lunch?" and she replied, "and cheese!" Sometimes she is such a big kid, and the next moment she is needing a full lap cuddle and rock. She likes to read to herself and will even talk about the pages as she flips through books. Of course, she likes to be read to as well. She plays with dry beans and playdough and asks to color when she's bored.


At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Angie said...

Heh. My (almost) 22 month old son ONLY counts to one. It's pretty funny. "One, one, one...!" He also is really good at the "ay-mehn!" at the end of the prayer. Sometimes when the praying person is not quite done!


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