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[We pull into the Friendly's parking lot]
Kate: "Balloon and ice cream!" (An aforementioned treat.)
Mom: "Yes, honey, we're going to have ice cream and get a balloon. What color balloon would you like?"
Kate: "Yellow."
Mom: "How do you ask for a balloon?"
Kate: "Balloon, please!"


[waitress present]
Mom: "Kate, what have you been excited about having? -- What would you like to ask for? -- Go ahead! -- Okay, I'll ask, may she have a balloon?"
Waitress: "What color?"
Mom: "What color, Kate? Do you still want yellow? You could have pink or green or... -- I guess she'll take yellow."

Of course, she nicely asks as soon as she's out of earshot. Same with the "Thank you very much!" Shy.


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