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Twenty-Nine Months Old

Kate is quite the conversationalist now and remembers things she hears well. We were driving around yesterday listening to the radio and the announcer said "teacher" and Kate immediately said, "I obey and listen to the teacher at church and school!" She loves to sing and dance and read and play pretend. She sat and listened to the entirety of the Cat in the Hat this week. She learns the names of her library books on the first read and requests them along with old favorites. This week she has pretended to be a princess, a dog, a baby, a mommy, a lion, a cat, a mermaid and a teacher. She's eating really well these days, adding spinach salad to her list of favorite foods this week. Kate is very shy around new people and even the phone but her love of singing led her to sing several verses of "I Sing a Song of the Saints of God" over the phone to Nana this week and to some guests this evening. I love my girl!


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