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7 months old

Kate is now a true baby explorer, checking out every nook and cranny by crawling around and pulling herself up. She can open up drawers and shut doors. Kate still enjoys reading very much. Her favorite toys are whatever adult things she can grab. She is fixated with technology. She has been making various noises for several months, but now seems closer to talking. She says "bah-bah-bah" frequently. Kate used to lie still for diaper changes and such, but is now a top-ranked wiggle worm who can flip from back to stomach (and vice versa) with so much speed and ease that she might get recruited as a wrestling coach! She's still huggy and occasionally doles out a kiss. We're enjoying watching her grow.


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I just posted another message for you, but I think it went out into cyberspace. Let's try again. You are growing so fast & what a little know out! You look like you're having a very good time exploring. Are you finding some fun things? You be sure to stay in front of the camera, so Mommy and Daddy can keep posting them, ok? I love you. Grandma Sharon


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