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Kate slings her doll

Learning the art of babywearing young.

Comforting dolly.


At 12:04 AM, Blogger Jenny said...

Aww! These pics are so cute. If you honestly ever start selling slings, you should offer to make a matching smaller sling for kids. (Just think. When Kate is older, if you have a baby, she might want to have her babydoll in a sling just like her mom!) Just an idea. ;-)

At 6:59 AM, Blogger TulipGirl said...

That's a great photo! Kate is just darling.

A few weeks ago R-now-6 asked if I would tie a scarf around him like a sling for his teddy bear. (Who was a girl baby that day.) Hubby isn't big into the Daddy-slinging, and the boys don't play "house" much--but that day they did. It ended up with each boy with a scarf-makeshift-sling and a stuffed animal.

I wish I took pictures. (Dead batteries. *grump*)

R6 has been extra cuddly this week (needed cudding?) and so I've been carrying him around on my hip a lot and wishing I still had my MayaPouch that I passed along to a neighbor. I've told him stories about when C4 was little, but sometimes I'd put HIM in the sling instead of his baby brother. *grin*

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