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We have some really fun pictures from the beach but they are all on my sister's laptop in North Carolina and I can't upload them :o( When my other sister comes home from her second week at the beach, I'll see if she can email them to me.

Kate had the best time at the beach. She loved the sand and the ocean. Her first few minutes at the beach, GP dug up a sand flea and was showing it to her and she grabbed it right out of his hand and held it! It was nearly as big as her hand! She didn't try to eat it, which would have freaked me out. She spent a lot of time with a shovel and pail, shovelling sand and doing things like putting shells in the bucket, dumping them out and putting them back.

Kate figured out the ocean pretty quickly. She hates feeling out of control, so she would run right for the water and then stop when she got ankle deep so the waves wouldn't knock her over. For the most part, she had good self-regulation, except when the waves were far apart and she got impatient! She also liked going out in the deeper water being held by a grown-up.

It was really neat to see her interact so much with my parents and siblings. She said "Nana" and "War-uh" (an improvement from "La-la") frequently and spontaneously. They took her on walks and she loved on them and begged big bites of popsicles from them. I really got to relax while they enjoyed Kate, which was great for everyone.

I'll post the pictures as soon as I can!


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