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Can't leave her for thirty seconds...

While I went to the bathroom the morning, Kate pulled out a dining room chair, climbed up onto it and then onto the kitchen table. I found her standing on the table, looking quite pleased with her accomplishment. I knew that she could hypothetically do it, I just thought it would take her longer than 30 seconds (including travel time to the table from her bedroom.) She is so physical! She's also discovered in the past month the myriad of ways she can go down stairs by herself.

Oh, she had a well baby visit yesterday: 28 inches long, 20.5 lbs. She's in great health and was very cooperative throughout her exam.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger serina said...

What a little cutie! I can't believe that Ellery is bigger than her! Kate must be so cute...I'm imagining a baby Ellery's size, only walking (and climbing on tables--good grief!) and talking.

Maya didn't walk until 17 months, and didn't do stairs well until 2 1/2. She also didn't become very physical until recently. So I didn't have to pull her down off of things while I was pregnant--at least not much! You must be exhausted.


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