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Twenty-Five Months

Kate is such a sweet and devoted sister, and a joy to have around. I love to watch her hold Lexi's hand or try to share with her. She is repeating EVERYTHING and saying tons of funny things as she speaks almost completely in phrases now. My favorite mispronounciation: swim soup (suit). She says her own name as "Tate." She has no trouble pronouncing ks, she just believes that's her name. She was listening to who knows what on Laura's ipod the other day and I walked into the room and she said in a perfect toddler voice, "Holla momma." I love being greeted in the morning with "Good morning, momma." She loves her pretty pink toenails, the dog next door, her play kitchen and our neighborhood trains.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger dawn said...

Meg likes her kitchen too, but she loves her baby doll: Baby Sarah.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger kristen said...

Kate's baby does not have a name, but she is necessary for Kate to sleep. So much so, that if Kate is not feeling the sleeping love, more often than not an admonition to "be quiet, you baby is sleeping!" does the trick ;o)


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