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Life is a Vapor (Teeth, Too!)

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Kate had an accident today. She tried to climb up the dresser that has our TV on it and pulled the dresser and TV over. She knocked out one of her front teeth and the other is loose.

It was scary. I watched it as I walked into the room from doing laundry, and rushed to lift the heavy TV off her face as she squirmed out from under the dresser. If our bedroom was larger and the fall had been cleaner, she would have suffered very severe injuries, and very likely could have died. Our bookshelves and some of the dressers are bolted securely to the wall, this dresser is not flush with the wall (it forms a 45-45-90 triangle with the corner) and was not secured, for lack of creativity. I was able to remain calm and Kate was very calm and brave throughout the ordeal and was perfect at the pediatric dentist's office. Our sweet neighbor helped me get the kids ready and followed me down so she could watch Lexi in the lobby while I stayed with Kate for her exam and x-rays.

I am very thankful that her injuries weren't worse, but I mourn the loss of her front teeth. A piece of her childhood is gone forever, and the vanity motherhood brings will miss them, forever. I will tear up as I prepare her soft food and clean her bruised and bloodied face. I will cringe when people ask me about them. But I know that she is beautiful and life goes on.

Kate the Brave


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Sarah Moseley said...

How is she hanging in there?

At 12:09 PM, Blogger kristen said...

She's hangin' and mostly fine.


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