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What a nut

Kate is such a funny kid. She's quite the bruiser and rarely cries unless she really hurts herself. This presents problems when I am in the kitchen and she's gated in the "safe" area but she grabs the edge of the air intake vent in the hallway and cuts herself profusely and is bleeding all over the place. Having a high tolerance for that sort of pain runs in the Stewart family.

She's really getting into language, both sign and verbal. Signing is hard because I often forget to be consistent, and rarely signed on our vacation, etc. But she's still managed to pick up nursing and all done. She says "maaaaaaahr" so she never signs that. She says a lot, just not consistently. When she sees things she likes, she'll bust out with what they are, like "cup" or "doggie," without any prompting and then not say it when we try to get her to later.

She's an excellent climber and runs around the house like she's been walking forever. She even resists being carried in favor of walking everywhere on her own. What happened to my baby?


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