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Little Miss Manners

Kate's doing so well using "please" and "thank you" these days. She's been able to say and sign "please" for several months, but she does it more and more spontaneously, and now says "thank you" as well. I was pretty laid back about teaching them (never withholding things because she didn't say them, just modelling saying them for her, mostly). I figured she has plenty of time to learn to be polite and she learned them quickly and uses them correctly without me being pushy at all!

She's got a little cough right now. :o( Since she's weaned, she's caught as many bugs in a month as she had in her entire life previously. :o(


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Lenise said...

Yes, but it's cold season. Jay and I have had two colds this month ourselves. It's no fun, but don't feel bad about it. It'll happen! This second one seems to be affecting him more. The first one didn't seem to have any effect on his mood or sleeping patterns, thankfully. This one's another story, poor kid!


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