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Catechism and Kate

Kate has been learning the standard catechism for young children based on the Westminster shorter, slowly. It's important to us that she also learn a good number of hymns and service music, and basic Bible stories, and we don't want it to be frustrating or burdensome.

Tonight, we were introducing a new question, "why ought you glorify God?" and we just asked her, to see what she would say. She responded, "Because he died on the cross." Mike and I made eye contact and smiled at our highly religious child who knows good sunday school answers even though our church doesn't have sunday school! Then we asked, "Who died on the cross?" "I did!" Kate responded, with a grin.

So, I grabbed I Believe and turned to the relevant page and asked, "Who died on the cross, Kate?" "Jesus did." she said, with a touch of an eye roll in her voice. She's already learned to tease.


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