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Sunday morning, we took two cars to church because Mike went an hour early to set up communion. When he was about to leave, Kate notice and trudged over and stood at the door, ready to go. She was wearing just a lime green Fuzzi Bunz, no shirt or shoes, and yet she had a look that said, "I'm ready to go!" She waved and said, "Bub-bye!" to me and looked up to dad confidently. Then her facade cracked and she went over and hugged his legs, "Da-da!" It was only my offering her her toothbrush that let daddy escape without tears. She's been repeating the "I'm going with you" process every time we are in the living room when Mike leaves. I think part of it is her eternal devotion to dear old dad but also related to her desire to be on the go. She LOVES going out and about.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger Lenise said...

That's cute! I guess she knew he wasn't going to work, eh? Jay is very clingy to either one of us if we've been gone for a while. He cries if Paul comes home and passes through the living room without picking him up and holding him for a while.

Of course, he also likes traveling, particularly by stroller.


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