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13 Months Old

Kate is a perpetual motion machine. She runs, she side-steps proficiently and she climbs... she never stops moving. Well, she'll stop for food. She really likes to eat. She eats a lot of cheese, yogurt, black beans, bananas, hotdogs, whole wheat toast, cereal and pureed veggies. This week, she started eating spinach and mushroom quesadillas. She eats almost as much as I do some days! She's been sleeping in her crib for naps and at night now consistently. She much prefers walking to being carried and she doesn't mind wearing shoes. She's not my babe in arms any longer! Like I've blogged recently, her communication skills are expanding, but not always sticking. She'll say a word a few times or even for a day or two and then I can't coax it out of her for anything. The mysteries of infant development.


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