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16 months old

This past month was marked by sickness, molars, climbing feats and new words. She loves to dance and to draw -- as soon as I shared with the world last month that Kate was still eating crayons, she started using them properly most of the time. She loves to laugh. She gets the giggles hearing other people laugh and makes adorable attempts at physical comedy. She hasn't quite hit the stage of verbal explosion, but she's getting there little by little. She's starting to put words together into small phrases like "Hi Daddy!" and she learns new words every week, usually surprising me with her choices (like "shoe" the other week.) She could count to five if she could only say "one" ;o) Her adventurous and fearless spirit means that she is willing to tackle any physical challenge and keeps us all on our toes. She is often battered and bruised but ultimately triumphant.


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