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These are the Moments

Parenting is full of the sort of sweet moments you wish you could capture and relive whenever you are frustrated or feeling down. Writing about them doesn't cut it, but, it's better than nothing. Here are some recent ones:

I love the way Kate kisses my belly and says "baby!" I love the way Kate kisses in general, actually. Every one she initiates melts my heart, even if I get dozens a day. This morning she came up to me with a book. I said, "Come sit on my lap and I'll read that to you." She said, "Thank you!" and gave me a sweet kiss.

Sunday night, we were watching Finding Neverland and after Kate finished her popcorn, she used my belly as a backrest and curled up and watched the movie.

Trying to get out the door yesterday, I exclaimed, "where are your shoes, Kate?!" and she immediately ran off and retrieved them from where I had left them. Her shoe obsession really pays off!


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Lenise said...

It's so fun as they get older to really see these moments of sweetness. Jay will sometimes clench and unclench his hand when I'm carrying him and his arms are around my neck. It feels like a caress. And then there are the times he'll just start patting Paul or me like a cat or one of his big stuffed animals. So cute!!


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