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We love that kid

Even though Kate is in the midst of toddler disequilibrium, teething and sickness (meaning her usual sanguinity is not quite up to par) the phrase, "I love that kid!" comes out of both of our mouths at least a dozen times a day when she...
...runs to the door when she hears the key in it and shouts "Daddy!" with a huge smile on her face.
...looks me in the eyes with sincere awe and joy and says, "Thank you!" when I hand her a small square of pink fabric left over from a project.
...pats her lap when we're starting the car and raises her hands and says "Bast off!"
...sits on my lap facing me and cuddles with my pregnant belly, hugging and patting it.
...puts on her pouch and slings her baby doll like a professional mommy.
...hears Daddy tell her that he loves her on the phone and responds (without prompting) with a happy "MWAH!"

She's such a charmer.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Mrs. Butler said...

That's too funny! My little ones (of course, they're boys) are not as verbally advanced, so for starting the car the two year old says "Basto" and the one year old raises his arms and smiles. It cracks us up.


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