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18 months old

This past month has been big in the life of Kate. Her little sister arrived on the scene. She learned at least 25 new words. She spent a lot of time with her maternal extended family. She worked very hard on saying "G.P." and even managed to get it out a few times, to her grandfather's delight. I've really enjoyed watching Kate's personality blossom. She now says "cheese!" and hams for pictures instead of covering her face. She sings along in church and at home to hymns and other music. For example, Mike and I were singing the doxology to her and she was singing along "Pra-Ga! Pra-Ga!" She loves music, in fact, right now she has just climbed up on our bed and turned our alarm clock radio on and is listening to "Performance Today" on NPR, dancing and clapping along. She is an incredibly good sleeper, which is such a blessing to us right now. She is a little grabby with Lexi and over-anxious to share her things with the baby, but at least she is interested in playing with her!


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Jenny said...

She sounds like such a lovely young lady!

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Lenise said...

Jay's big into music, too. He'll start doing his rocking dance move, and as soon as I ask him if he wants to dance, he'll crawl over to the stereo and start banging on the side. He always smiles at my next-to-latest Sara Evans CD, and he really likes Miranda Lambert, too =]


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