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Photo Sadness

It looks like we need to reinstall our photo program on our server. It may take a while, but hopefully we'll have all the kinks out before we have another babe to upload pictures of! Here's some pictures of Kate modelling her new winter coat to tide you over. That child is so petite! The coat is size 12-18m and even though she'll be 17 months old tomorrow, it's very large on her, though the 6-12m size is too small.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger dawn said...

Wow ... Meg must be huge compared to Kate 'cause 18 months stuff fits her perfectly. My MIL got her a winter coat that is 2T and aside from the sleeves being a bit long, fits her pretty well.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Lenise said...

Jay's into 24 mos/ 2T, though sleeves and pants legs are much too long. One outfit is already too short in the torso, though I'm hoping some velcro will hold it together- Mom bought it for the easy snaps (for my sake), unfortunately, they're just not up to Jay's squirming or the stress from the fact that he's being carried. Pick him up, and they pop-pop-pop.


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