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Kate's language skills slightly regressed when we first came home with Lexi, but seem to be back in growth mode the last few days. She's been saying amen (or, rather, "ma-men") with us consistently, so Saturday we started introducing the first children's catechism question to her in a low-key way at the dinner table.

"Kate, who made you?" *blank stare from Kate*
"God made you, Kate!"
"Who made you, Kate?" *blank stare from Kate*
"God made Kate!"
"Who made you?" and then she replied "God!"

We went through the exact same conversation with her during dinner yesterday as well.

Today at the doctor's office, after having not mentioned it since dinner last night, I turned to her and said, "Who made you, Kate?" and she exclaimed happily, "God!" She's repeated it unprompted several more times.

We're not in a rush to get to question #2 at the moment -- it's just neat to see her growing in the faith.


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