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Kate's Birthday Week

Kate had a fantastic birthday week with TWO parties. The first one was attended by her GP, Nana, aunts, uncles and friends and she got all sorts of wonderful things including a dollhouse from her parents, furniture for it, Finding Nemo on DVD, shades, a crown, pjs and underwear from GP, Nana and the aunts and uncles, and a beautiful princess dress and accessories from Sam (friend of the fam.) She got her first cake and she was delighted to share her day with GP and Nana, culminating in a fireworks display in Wakefield that was very nice and cozy (we had a cul-de-sac almost to ourselves to watch them.)

Then we drove back home and celebrated the fourth with friends, and she got to watch more fireworks with Tim and Rachel, and honestly, what could be better than that?

The following day she had ANOTHER birthday party, with lots of fun in the pool with Tim, Rachel and Ryan, and lots of great gifts like a waldorf doll from the P family, a book and a playsilk from mom and dad and lexi, finger puppets, a feather boa, and a wand from the Moes, and several puppets and necklaces from the Spences. She proceeded to turn everyone into a princess. And, she got another cake.

What a lucky girl!


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