All Things Kate - archived


Back from our Christmas trip

We've been from home, to North Carolina, to California, to North Carolina again and finally returned home today.

Kate has been a trouper through it all (time zone change, tons of new faces and places, teething and a cold all at once.) I am glad we're home now, though!

She got to meet some very important people and got some very cool Christmas gifts. She really enjoyed unwrapping things. It was great fun to watch her focused little self persistently unwrap, even though I was often anxious and wanted to see what was inside myself! Life is crazy here, but I'll try to get a few holiday pics up this week.


Just a reminder...

You can comment anonymously on this blog... just remember to write your name in the comment so Kate knows who came to visit!


Mary Janes

What? Do you want to see me in my Christmas dress? Here I am!

More pictures here.


Social Kate

We are really lucky that Kate is a happy, social baby. We had a weekend jam packed with adventures in three cities and dozens and dozens of people and Kate was cheerful and well-behaved, in spite of her lingering cold. I can't wait to upload some pictures of her in her Christmas dress... what a cutie!


Space Traveler

Ever since Kate learned to roll both ways (precisely when she turned 4 months old) she's been a force to be reckoned with as far as getting where she wants to go. She's very persistent and focused and manages to traverse just about any floor space she wants with ease. Today I put her in the living room on a blanket with toys. Within two minutes she had rotated 90 degrees and rolled twelve feet. She sounded awfully close so I looked up from my pot of Jambalaya and she was right there in the kitchen doorway, smiling at me. What a nut!


First Cold

Kate has her first cold. It's making her feel bad and look sad and dour. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her.


Slingin' it

Kate in her new toile sling.


5 months old

Kate is five months old today. She thinks she's a big girl. She loves to sit on my hip in her sling and reach her hand forward to guide the shopping cart. She gently explores faces with her probing hands. One of her great loves is eating. She's a sweet, happy nursling, but also very interested in solid foods. She's content on her own, but she loves it when people give her their undivided attention and she rewards them with big smiles and sweet laughter. She easily rolls over both ways and semi-creeps too. She very happy to stand up, and loves her Jumpster. We can't believe how much she has grown and changed since July. She looks more like her dad all the time!


Doctor's Appointment

Kate went to the doctor today. She is 25 inches long and weighs 14 pounds, 10 ounces. She was SUCH a trooper about getting her five shots. She also showed off for the doctor and tripod sat very nicely while she was getting examined.