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Quotes from Kate

"one, two, three, four, figh, siss, seben, eigh, nine, ten, eleben, twelve, tirteen, sissten!"

"Sissy needs help!"

"That's a pretty baby."

"Oh thank you, mommy!"


Kate's "celebrity" doppleganger

Today at church a woman in my small group told me that every week she and her daughters discuss how much Kate looks like Boo, the little girl from Monster's Inc.

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What do you think?


A Slave to Fashion

I have posted numerous times on this blog about Kate's shoe obsession. We were given a pair of hand-me down shoes last week in excellent condition, pink shoes from Target that are similar to her church shoes, but not wide width and not as comfortable. They gave her a blister, but she still insists on wearing them. (We compromise with a thick pair of socks.) I hid them last Thursday and she still woke up from her nap calling out, "Pink shoes, mommy! Pink SHOOOOOES!" So, we put on the pink shoes and went on a little shopping excursion to Target and Ukrops. In between the two stores, there is (among other things) a Payless. I had been on the hunt for red croc knock-offs for Kate (she loves to wear Nana's crocs.) Surprisingly, Payless had much nicer croc knockoffs than Target. So, I took off the precious pink shoes and put on the red faux crocs. I didn't think we would ever leave the store. She cast aside the pink shoes and cradled the too big pair of red faux crocs in her arms while holding out her feet so she could admire the proper sized ones on her feet. Eventually, we made it out the door (with minimal tears and fussing.) I can't wait to see her expression when she finds them in her Easter basket! I need to go back over and buy them before someone else snatches them up! But for now, she is still insisting on wearing those pink shoes, even though I know that she knows they hurt her feet. But they are pretty, after all.


Way better than having the flu

After dinner, we sang the doxology (with Kate joining in on some words) and Mike turned to her and said, "Kate, you've got the Holy Ghost living in you!"

Then she turned to me and said, "I've got the Ghost."


21 Months Old

Kate is three-quarters of the way from 1 to 2. She's getting SO verbal! She can count to ten and knows most colors (I think purple is her favorite.) She spontaneously uses hundreds of words in little sentences and repeats EVERYTHING. She's definitely got opinions about things and likes to ham it up. She's starting to identify feelings and say "sorry." My little girl seems so big!