All Things Kate - archived


Christmas fun

Kate's had a wonderful time this vacation:
Listening to the rock version of Peter and the Wolf with GP.
Cuddling with Nana.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to GG (and Lexi, too!)
Getting a mani and pedi from Janelle.
Cheering with Laura.
Kicking balls around with Robbie.
Hanging out with the Maddoxes and Grosses and Daniels (being read to by Melanie, going on adventures with Sarah, etc.)
Putting on her party dress for GG's 80th birthday bash and singing and dancing for guests.
Taking the stage at the Strasburg Theater and playing drums and singing into the microphone.

Not to mention all of her wonderful gifts and so much more. She's had a blast!


Conversations with Kate

When we were in Richmond, Kate slept in her pack 'n play in our host's bedroom (Lexi was in another p 'n p with us in the guest bedroom.) When I woke up one morning, she came right over to hug me.

"Good morning, Momma!"
"Good morning, Kate! How did you sleep?"
"I heard the snoring but I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep."


Daily Kate

Yesterday at church Kate displayed, as usual, her shy personality. She talks about certain people all the time, will ask me where they are, and 30 seconds later when they approach her, she freezes up. She's not like this around people she sees really regularly and/or knows well. It's just so strange to me because I am not shy.

Today, Kate found a bunch of hair bows and wanted me to clip as many as possible into her hair.


Theology According to Kate

Kate noticed a Christmas Card sent by the lovely Rebecca arrive in our home yesterday and said, "Who's THAT?" while pointing to the golden, embossed image of Mary.

"That's Mary, the mother of Jesus."

"The Christ," she said, nodding knowingly.


Crisp December Afternoon

All photos by the lovely and talented Brooke Jared.


Twenty-Nine Months Old

Kate is quite the conversationalist now and remembers things she hears well. We were driving around yesterday listening to the radio and the announcer said "teacher" and Kate immediately said, "I obey and listen to the teacher at church and school!" She loves to sing and dance and read and play pretend. She sat and listened to the entirety of the Cat in the Hat this week. She learns the names of her library books on the first read and requests them along with old favorites. This week she has pretended to be a princess, a dog, a baby, a mommy, a lion, a cat, a mermaid and a teacher. She's eating really well these days, adding spinach salad to her list of favorite foods this week. Kate is very shy around new people and even the phone but her love of singing led her to sing several verses of "I Sing a Song of the Saints of God" over the phone to Nana this week and to some guests this evening. I love my girl!