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Toddler Knows All

How conversations sometimes go in our house:
"Momma, why are you laying down?"
"I feel sick, Kate."
"No, Momma, you're not sick."


Thoughtful Kate



This morning, Kate kept running around the house, giggling and shouting, "I am the party girl!"


Verbal Children Crack Up Parents

Kate says the cutest little things all the time and I am amazed at how quickly she picks up new words and learns grammar. It's neat how she is now able to communicate her needs with ease. One thing that tickled me this week was a morning she woke up and Mike put her in bed with me and she leaned over, shook me and said, "Mommy, I am feeling sick. I need you to take care of me!"


30 months

Kate is halfway to five years old! I can hardly believe it!

songs to sing: "Joy to the World" & "Ring Around the Rosie"
books to read: The Big Green Pocketbook & Hands are Not for Hitting
thing to wear: princess dress
place to visit: the train table at Barnes & Noble
pretend chores: shopping at wal-mart or target with the shopping cart & cooking just like GG
skills to practice: jumping & dancing
minivan: "'ell-o-pee"
"seester and friend": "Les-si"