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Kate the Protester

Kate is a casual protester, eating string cheese while getting the message out.



I used to count on the 30 extra seconds it took Kate to walk from the back bedroom to the kitchen to quickly pick things up or start some cooking. Except, all of the sudden, she walks as fast as I do.



A Momentous Occasion

Kate ate her first hot dog today. She really enjoyed it, but, she really enjoys everything...

Then she ate her first spiedie. Pork marinated in Lupo's Endicott style spiedie marinade. She was in heaven!


Sweet Baby Kisses

Kate went through a phase where she HATED her face being touched. She would cringe if I attempted the "eyes & ears & mouth & nose" verse of "Head and Shoulders (Knees and Toes)." She turned her face, ducked and occasionally covered to avoid being kissed, which offended some people, to be sure.

Like babies do, she's growing out of it. She now receives kisses with grace and even gives them when being hugged and snuggled with. The morning we were lying in bed and "mwah!", I kissed the air in her direction. She leaned in and kissed me three times: purposeful, wet, open mouth kisses. I may never wash my face again.


All Girl

Kate is an adventurous, physical baby, but she's still all girl. She's spent the past few days carrying around and kissing all of her baby dolls and stuffed animals. If she's not taking care of a baby, she's talking on her phone or trying to use my dyson. Yep, she's a little woman!


Moving and Grooving

If you want to become Kate's best friend, give her food and let her walk around. If she is mobile or eating, she is the happiest baby in the world. :o)

Here are some gift ideas for her birthday if you are looking for stuff. Or anything from her wishlist.


11 months old

Kate is one month shy of her very first birthday today! She's really taking off, literally. She is walking more and more and is going from sit to stand without walls or assistance more often than she used to. She is a complete social butterfly and loves other children and animals, sometimes a little too much. She is addicted to yo baby yogurt. She has learned a bevy of helpful skills such as flushing the toliet and brushing her teeth. Whenever she does anything positive at all (walk, receive a kiss, fall down without getting hurt...) she gives herself a round of applause and expects everyone else to join in. She still needs some sanctification in the area of humility!


New Pictures Added

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