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Sling Baby

Carrying Kate in the sling when we are out is so fun. Everyone ooohs and ahhhs and makes audible comments, much more than if she's cooped up in the carseat. People are also very friendly and quick to offer help. For example, it was sprinkling and I was walking through the parking lot, and a sweet woman insisted I take her umbrella to protect Kate, and return it whenever to her tailoring shop. I think that there are less sling-mommas in Richmond than places like Austin, so it makes us stand out. And Kate loves sitting forward in the sling (in a Buddha pose), taking the world in. She's very content to be near momma and able to see everything that's going on!


Too big for her britches

New pictures have been uploaded. And, for the record, she pulled/crunched her way up into that pose entirely by herself from laying back on the boppy. She's managing 2 minute "crunch-sits" in the swing these days.

Keyboarding for Babies

When I typed that last post, I was holding Kate in my lap and she kept holding down the space bar to help me type. I was not amused, but she looked up at me with a sweet "look at me, I am helping!" grin and I caved and started laughing. "Keyboarding is not for babies," I told her. Thus endeth the days of Kate sitting in Momma's lap while I blog-surf and comment.


She's a jumper!

Kate has figured out how to jump in her Graco Jumpster! It might be a record for a not quite 4 month old. She looks reallly cute doing it. She LOVES to stand (and has since birth) so I busted it out about 3 of 4 weeks ago to see what she thought of it. She has enjoyed hanging out in it about 5 times a week since then. She has always walked on her toes in it, but yesterday, she was really bouncing. She got some serious air.

Kate is at the keyboard with me, and wants to add her thoughts:
kjk n h yhvgc


It's Official

Kate is a grabber. She's been grabbing my hair and clothes for a good long while, but she's gotten perceptive and coordinated enough to grab just about everything in the past week or so. She can reach out and grab toys. She reaches out and tries to turn book pages and finds success in opening and closing books. She almost flipped my plate over yesterday at our monthly church potluck!


Administrative Ramblings

Just so you know, I changed the settings so you don't have to join blogger to comment. I also added a link to the end of the post where you can email the post to a friend, in case the mood strikes you.


In lieu of a Malibu Barbie?

"If you could, would you keep Kate this age forever?"
"I don't know. There's a part of me that loves cuddling with our sweet little baby girl, and I know that it can't last forever. But there's another part of me that can't wait to see her in her jumper, with french braid pigtails, off to the first day of school."
"So basically, you want a kindergarten Kate doll to play with."
"More or less."

Conversation with Beth, my friend and Kate's.



I like thinking about Kate's firsts, from the ordinary to the more specific.

First Plane Flight - 3 weeks
First Smile - 5 weeks
First "ah-goo" - 7 weeks
First Laugh - 10 weeks
First visit to UNC - 14 weeks
First Football Game - 15 weeks
First big whiff of a Yankee Candle - 15 weeks

To think that she has never experienced something before, and does it for the very first time, and will continue to do it as long as she lives, is pretty nifty.


Like a Rolling Stone

I was on the phone with Sarah Mosley, and Kate just rolled right over! Actually, it was a gradual process and she was on our bed, but still, it was pretty exciting. She's awfully mobile. She scoots like nobody's business. In fact, she scoots herself half out of her diaper pretty frequently. That's not my favorite talent she's developed thus far.