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31 months, 2 days

Kate is in a clothes changing phase, especially now that she can dress and undress herself, and likes to do so many times a day. The princess dress gets the most wear of alll. Her favorite library book at the moment is When Sophie Gets Angry.... She also loves the Olivia books.

But what really captivates and wows me about Kate is her compassion. Yesterday morning, she heard a siren. Her immediate reaction? "A siren, momma! Someone's in trouble! Let's pray for them." After I prayed, she added her own sweet prayer, "please pro-teck them." Five minutes later I was lying on the love seat, shivering in the cool of the morning, and she said, "Mommy, are you cold? Do you need a blanket? I've got one on my big girl bed!" and hurried off to get one and bring it to me.

The kicker was today at naptime. She and Lexi are just starting to share a bedroom, and we laid Lexi down after Kate had already settled. Lexi started to cry, and we were listening on the monitor. Kate leapt up to comfort her sister and as we do when we lay her down, she prayed the Lord's Prayer with Lexi as we listened in. She missed a line or two, but she nailed it overall and Lexi stopped crying. We intervened a few minutes later, as Kate's patting and cooing had put Lexi to sleep so we thought it was time to get her back into her own bed.

Kate's not perfect, and every day has its challenges, but watching her love others is an amazing gift.