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First Haircut

Here's a photo journey of Kate's first haircut. She still mostly wears it in pigtails when we go out, so it doesn't look much different, but it is nice to know she can see without doing her hair! The picture to the right is also post-haircut (and after wearing her hair in pigtails all day!)


Toddler Fun

I taught Kate that song that may or may not be about the plague earlier this week. She quickly figured it out and has so enjoyed doing it. She also enjoys playing peek-a-boo with her sister and finding things in her I Spy board book.


Kate Update

This weekend Kate identified everyone in her extended maternal family after not seeing them for 7 weeks. Pretty good for a toddler!

Today I discovered that she can say and do "push" and "pull" even though I have no idea how or when she learned them. She's using more and more sentences, asking questions ("want some?") and using conjunctions (Mom and Dad).

And there are new pictures in her album.


Funny Kate

Kate's still having excruciating teething pain 24-7. She's learning a lot though, and likes to vocalize and act out opposites. Up-Down, In-Out, Off-On... And when I sing the alphabet, she joins in with at least 5 or 6 correct letters (she is silent if she isn't right) and not always the same ones.


Big Sister

Yesterday, Lexi was lying on our bed and Kate got The Foot Book, climbed up on the bed, and proceeded to try to read to Lexi. She was flipping pages and pointing out things she knew. It was a sweet moment to watch. I pray that they will enjoy each other's company all the days of their lives.


Growing Girl

Kate's really growing. A week or two ago, I realized it was REALLY hard to get her little hippie shoes on with socks and she's been avoiding wearing them, so I took her in to get a new pair of sneakers yesterday. The shoe store was, of course, a place of pure delight for Kate. She's now a 6W! She looks pretty cool in her new tennies. Then, last night, I put a pair of 2T pjs on and they fit (well, with a big nighttime cloth diaper on, but still.) Since she's growing, she falls down a lot more when running around. I think her balance is off!


Before and After

The result of letting a toddler sleep on newly washed hair:

After Mommy tamed the beast:


19 months old

Kate is 19 months old today. She is truly my little comic relief. She loves to take care of babies, real or dolls. She enjoys drawing and playing with play dough. She talks a lot -- in sentence form -- and some of it is even intelligible. Sometimes she'll even carry on a real phone conversation, especially with her nana. Last week she talked to her on the phone and then walked around for the next half hour saying, "Nana... hi!" as if reminding herself that she just talked to Nana. She's not a big fan of vegetables. She threw her first full-fledged tantrum this month, which consisted of throwing herself on the floor saying, "PLEASE! PUH-LEASE! Mom, PLEEEEEASE!" She loves reading books and watches too much tv, prefering the Wiggles, Little Einsteins, Dora and Diego to all other shows. I hope as she and Lexi get older we're able to cut that out more, but for now, she has to be in my sight every time I nurse and that's difficult to do without TV.


Morning Hair

Here are a few pictures I've taken of Kate recently in the morning when she's just woken up:

A few more pictures (without morning hair) here.