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[We pull into the Friendly's parking lot]
Kate: "Balloon and ice cream!" (An aforementioned treat.)
Mom: "Yes, honey, we're going to have ice cream and get a balloon. What color balloon would you like?"
Kate: "Yellow."
Mom: "How do you ask for a balloon?"
Kate: "Balloon, please!"


[waitress present]
Mom: "Kate, what have you been excited about having? -- What would you like to ask for? -- Go ahead! -- Okay, I'll ask, may she have a balloon?"
Waitress: "What color?"
Mom: "What color, Kate? Do you still want yellow? You could have pink or green or... -- I guess she'll take yellow."

Of course, she nicely asks as soon as she's out of earshot. Same with the "Thank you very much!" Shy.


Not like the ones at the playground

Where I found Kate one morning a few weeks ago.


Kate's birthday is coming up...

Here's what she "wants"/needs:
- Toys and more can be found on this list.
- Fall clothes in 2T (when they come out next month.)
- Gift certificate to stride rite for sneakers (she needs the wide width) -- I'm not sure what size.

She has plenty of summer clothes and stuffed animals.

She will not notice late gifts sent to our new home if you want to get her something for outside like a sandbox or tricycle (already claimed.)


Catch Up

Here's some Kate highlights from the past week or so, since we've been so busy:

The other night I told Kate, "You are God's little Kate." (as I am prone to do) and she replied, "I'm God's Kate!" with joy.

Kate was really shy with all the new people in California, but much less so with kids and teenagers than with adults.

On the airplane, I wrote her name on her little travel magna doodle for her. We don't do that very often at all, so I was shocked when I said "K-A..." and she jumped right in "T-E!"


Carolina Girl

Laura Leigh taught Kate to say, "Go Tar Heels!" tonight while pumping her fist!


23 months

Kate is almost two now, and her personality is so intriguing to me. She's pretty self-conscious around crowds, new people tend to make her language skills regress and up her volume. She talks a lot, a constant commentary on life, "We're at Nana's house!" "Lessi is sad, mommy!" "It's a bug!" She is getting more and more tender with "Lessi" which is so sweet. She is learning the names of many people and has particular people she asks for, even if she hasn't seen them in days. She likes to jump and run and play. She is still a health foodie, preferring whole wheat bread to brownies, though she does like ice cream. She is really learning a lot of our mealtime prayer, working hard to recite it with us, which is so neat to see. We love our girl!