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She's Getting SO Old!

Yesterday at just shy of 26 months, we flipped Kate forward in her carseat. She hasn't hit the weight limit yet but it just felt right. Seeing her smiling face with her little bow in the rear view mirror was such a bittersweet feeling.

She's taking great care of her sister, too. This morning after Lexi pulled 10 books or so off our bookshelves (something Kate did 47x a day at that age) Kate walked by, noticed and said "Those are Daddy's books, Lexi!" Then she picked up the books, grabbed one (Birth of a Tragedy by Nietchze), held her sister close and pretended to read to her. I love it!


Gimpy Kate

Yesterday, while walking in to church, Kate tripped on cement and scrapped both knees pretty badly. She walked with a REALLY exaggerated limp all day yesterday (less so today) and looked very much like an old man. The upside was that the gimpiness slowed her down enough to last her first night in the toddler bed (which we only set up Saturday.)


Twenty-Five Months

Kate is such a sweet and devoted sister, and a joy to have around. I love to watch her hold Lexi's hand or try to share with her. She is repeating EVERYTHING and saying tons of funny things as she speaks almost completely in phrases now. My favorite mispronounciation: swim soup (suit). She says her own name as "Tate." She has no trouble pronouncing ks, she just believes that's her name. She was listening to who knows what on Laura's ipod the other day and I walked into the room and she said in a perfect toddler voice, "Holla momma." I love being greeted in the morning with "Good morning, momma." She loves her pretty pink toenails, the dog next door, her play kitchen and our neighborhood trains.