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Easter Kate

Kate in Easter attire, before church.

Kate digging into her easter basket at gp and nana's house.


So much personality

How much personality can one little body hold? Kate is curious, adventurous, sweet, humorous, persistent, a foodie, talkative, flirtatious and just plain fun.


There's two of them!

Kate got her second tooth. A few days ago, we went to bring dinner to our friend Beth, who was housesitting for our friends Chris and Genevieve. When we got there and Beth answered the door, Kate looked around puzzled for several minutes, as if she realized Chris and Genevieve were missing. I tried to call their cat for her, "Eggo! Eggo!" Kate joined in too. "Eh! Eh!"



Kate graduated to the big girl carseat recently. She looks so old, sitting perched so high up. Her teeth have really been bothering her lately. I try not to give her too much Infant Motrin, but even using it sparingly, she's turned into a baby junkie. She grabs the dropper from me and sucks all of the medicine out, and then whimpers. Poor thing!


Fun Skill

I forgot to mention this in her round-up for the month... Kate somehow learned how to high five. She just started doing it one day. It's really fun!


Eight Months Old

Kate is eight months old today. She crawled quickly and with good form and pulled up and cruised all before she turned seven months, so this month is not defined by her large motor skills. Kate has been exploring her world, and is fascinated by different textures. She is getting much more vocal, and enjoys babbling different phonetic sounds and screeching like a pterodactyl. Her first tooth finally popped through. She imitates facial expressions and cracks herself up. She still loves to move, and has no qualms with falling down on purpose when she gets sick of standing. I guess her big, cloth-diapered bottom probably helps with that -- more cushioning! She is one tough little cookie, but also a cuddly sweetheart.

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