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Big Sister

Kate is doing great with adjusting to Lexi thus far. She's very gentle and kind and not too demanding, however, there's usually lots of attentive relatives here to dote on her. Please pray her kind and accepting spirit continues as we return home!


What do daddies say?

Like many toddlers, Kate makes an assortment of animal sounds. But after doing her routine of typical sounds, if you ask her "and what do daddies say?" she replies "RRAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRRRR!"

It's true. Her daddy does roar fairly often.


Daddy's Girl

Kate is SUCH a Daddy's girl. She adores him, lights up with joy when he enters the room and will sit happily on his lap while he surfs, pointing and saying "ball!" at all of the pictures. It cracks me up.



Last night our small group had a Christmas dinner and around the adult table, there were small antique brass bells as decorations. Kate delighted in ringing them and getting everyone to ring theirs along with her. She also delighted in getting Drew, a fourth grade boy, to clean up after her as she threw things from a basket onto the floor. Oh, the giggling!

She's learning more new words every day. She picked up "french fry" the other day, perhaps her 5th time eating the greasy treat. "Socks" go on before our beloved shoes, so they rated high enough to add to her vocabulary. "Puppy... Dog... Woof!" is another fun one.


First Snow of the Season!

We got our first snow of the season today and Kate found it fascinating. She kept saying, "oooh -- pretty!" Lacking proper boots or mittens, we didn't spend too much time outside, but here are some pictures:


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17 months old

Kate continued to add to her toddler skills of climbing and talking this month. It's neat to see her receptive language as well as she obviously understands a lot of words and responds to them, even if she can't say them. She loves balls and playing outside, but is a girly-girl at heart, loving things that are "pretty", shoes and chocolate. I've noticed her attention span lengthening and she enjoys sitting and listening to longer books. She spent a good amount of time with her maternal extended family this month and it's neat to watch her interact with them. She is very affectionate with friends and family, generously giving the best of hugs, cuddles and kisses.


Photo Sadness

It looks like we need to reinstall our photo program on our server. It may take a while, but hopefully we'll have all the kinks out before we have another babe to upload pictures of! Here's some pictures of Kate modelling her new winter coat to tide you over. That child is so petite! The coat is size 12-18m and even though she'll be 17 months old tomorrow, it's very large on her, though the 6-12m size is too small.