All Things Kate - archived


Lingua Anglica

Kate has turned into quite the parrot. Here's a not-so-comprehensive list of what she has said lately:
bye-bye, Dada, hello, kitty, Laura (lala), love you, Mama, NaNa, NayNay, Teddy, yes


Trendy Babe

Kate is OBSESSED with U2's album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and has been for some time. When she's upset in the car, she will listen to nothing else. When she can't sleep, we have to go get the CD out of the car for her. She loves to dance to Vertigo and then she relaxes and just enjoys the music. At least she's not obsessed with Barney.


Growing Up

Kate is turning into a toddler before our eyes! She takes up to 10 steps independently, and is walking more and more without coaxing (from the chair to the table, from the dresser to the bed). She's getting really chatty and speaks lots of cute nonsense syllables but also says things like "kitty". She loves animals, but we don't have any pets ourselves so I was surprised that word came so quickly to her. She's happy and adventurous and affectionate and animated and I wouldn't have her any other way.



It is so sweet to walk with my baby, hand in hand.
It is so sweet to hear "mama!" and get a hug and a smile.


10 months old

Kate is 10 months old today. She's taking steps all the time to people and things that she wants. She's quite adventurous and made it through a long tunnel at an indoor play place last week! She prefers high fives to clapping because they make more noise. She's trying to talk, using the few words that she has and trying to pick up new ones. It's so neat to watch. Last week, when she was at her grandparents' house, she was watching the kitty out the window saying "kuh, kuh." She's still the social butterfly and loves meeting and playing with people of all ages. No seperation anxiety yet! We are so thankful for Kate and blessed to have her in our family.