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From the Mouth of Kate

Stopping in the middle of anything and noticing something I trained myself not to over time:
"I hear someting, mommy!" [pause] "I hear a bird! Tweet!"

Upon leaving a restaurant:
"Goodbye, seat! Goodbye, spoon! See you!"

Often (especially when she doesn't nap):
"Kate is so tah-uhrd" (big toddler drawl)

When she sees me reaching for a sling:
"Wear my baby on my back?"

She's always chattering and making up little songs. She cracks us up continually.



Another day, another way to wear your baby.


Little Mom

Lately, I have been throwing Lexi on my back and doing whatever needs to be done (shopping, chores, etc.) Kate has noticed this and often insists that she, too, wear her baby on her back. We went to Old Navy on Monday. Both of us were wearing babies on our backs and carrying purses. We are quite a sight! Anyhow, I captured some pictures of her playing in the backyard Sunday with a baby wrapped to her back with an old scarf my sisters and I used to wear.


New Sidebar Pic

It was about time.

This is Kate in a Carolina t-shirt, with a blue bow, in front of a blue wall, with her nose wrinkled up in toddler fashion.


God talk

Last week, Kate woke up Sunday morning talking about going to church and describing it to me.

This week, when I told her we were going to church to worship today, she made up a little song on the fly about it (completely unprovoked) and then sang it spontaneously several times throughout the day. "Wor-ship, wor-ship, wor-ship God"

I love hearing her talk about her Redeemer, and looking so cute in a smocked dress and cute shoes doesn't hurt either.


Little Longhorn

Kate knows "Texas ... FIGHT!" and "Texas-Texas ... Yee-haw" and likes to incite us to cheer back and forth with her in the car.


Twenty-Six Months

Kate continues to blossom into a toddler. She is really concerned with sharing and taking turns and wants to be sure Lexi gets her fair turn, even if its something she likes. She's always making up little songs and remembers the silliest things. She loves to play dress up. I am amazed at her blossoming vocabulary and memory. She likes her new gold croc mary janes and calls them by name "the gold crocs." She loves to swing on bars and seems ready for gymnastics!