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I Really Like My Daughter

Mike is great about taking the girls with him to run errands so I get a few moments to clean when the house is empty. Lately, when he does, Kate comes in and says, "Momma, I MISSED you! I'm so glad to see you!" using the most sincere little voice and I know that even though I did not begin to miss her that hour I was furiously cleaning up after her, she surely missed me.


From the Mouth of Kate (A Continuing Series)

Mike (walking in the door): "Hi Kate! Hi Lexi!"
Kate: "Hi Daddy! I'm so glad you're home!"


I want to be a schoolgirl, part 1

Kate was singing while these pictures were taken, by the way.


Twenty-Eight Months

Kate is obsessed with princesses. She wakes up and begs to put on her princess dress. She says, "Momma, I'm a princess!" 252 times each day. I have no idea where this came from. We don't read books about princesses and she doesn't watch tv shows or movies about princesses. She just loves princesses. We were in Wal-mart the other day and she saw something with the Disney Princesses on it and she stood before it in wonder (in her princess dress, which of course I allowed her to wear to Wally). "There are THREE princesses, Mommy, and I'm a princess too!" Of course she is. She likes to twirl in her princess dress. And speak in very long and complex sentences like an adult. And she is very good at climbing and jumping. She loves going to the library for story time and sitting in Godly Play (children's church) at church. She likes it when her hair is pulled back with a bow. She notices when I wear new clothes and she has preferences about what she wears as well (even beyond the princess dress.) She still is in a phase where she hates the phone. She likes to play with her sister in small doses and she's an excellent helper around the house. She's getting BIG.



The princess bows. We must teach her to curtsy.