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Daddy's Girl

Sunday morning, we took two cars to church because Mike went an hour early to set up communion. When he was about to leave, Kate notice and trudged over and stood at the door, ready to go. She was wearing just a lime green Fuzzi Bunz, no shirt or shoes, and yet she had a look that said, "I'm ready to go!" She waved and said, "Bub-bye!" to me and looked up to dad confidently. Then her facade cracked and she went over and hugged his legs, "Da-da!" It was only my offering her her toothbrush that let daddy escape without tears. She's been repeating the "I'm going with you" process every time we are in the living room when Mike leaves. I think part of it is her eternal devotion to dear old dad but also related to her desire to be on the go. She LOVES going out and about.


Kate got tagged

Kate got tagged by Dustin to name 5 songs she's digging right now.
1. "E eats Everything" by They Might Be Giants
2. "Vertigo" by U2
3. "The Poopsmith Song" by Over the Rhine
4. "Thankful" by Caedmon's Call
5. The techno songs Aunt Laura and Uncle Robbie play for me

Kate's Commentary:
1. They Might Be Giants is a really fun band and their ABC CD is what all the cool babies are digging these days. 2. U2 is my all-time favorite band and "Vertigo" is my all-time favorite song. As soon as mom and dad got the latest CD, I made them play it for me on repeat every time I sleep. 3. This song is really educational. I'm learning about the whole potty thing for later. 4. This is a good song that is fun to dance to. 5. Mommy doesn't know the name of the songs that they play for me, but techno music makes me dance really fast and I like that.

Kate tags: All of the mommy bloggers who have babies and toddlers to tell me what they are digging so I can give it a listen!


Everyday Changes

Kate is changing all the time. We were gone a week and she had all sorts of new skills to show her dad when we returned. She's just so fun! I love the way she says, "cooooooooooool!" when exploring something new and interesting. She's signing the words we've introduced well and consistently and I need to teach her some more. She said, "Amen!" after our dinnertime prayer tonight. She's the queen of stacking cups and she charmed a Boston Market employee out of his broom today so she could sweep the floor for him and she was pushing that broom around like nobody's business. She loved all the little people furniture in Children's Ikea and could have played there for hours. I think she will be getting a little table and chairs in the not-too-distant future.


Playing Together

THis morning Kate was curled up next to me nursing and Lexi woke up and started moving and grooving, kicking her big sister a few good times. Kate didn't notice, but I thought it was cool that they were starting to interact with each other :o)


New Photos

An assortment of pictures from July and August can be found here.


Tiny Dancer

Kate loves to dance. She's actually got pretty decent rhythm. When her Aunt Laura and Uncle Robbie play with her, they play all sorts of music for her to dance to. They were playing techno for her last week and she was dancing so quickly, it was amazing. Laura got some video of it on her digital camera, and it looks like she's dancing in fast forward. Also, I've noticed that the more bass the music has, the more she sticks out her bottom when she dances. Hilarious!


13 Months Old

Kate is a perpetual motion machine. She runs, she side-steps proficiently and she climbs... she never stops moving. Well, she'll stop for food. She really likes to eat. She eats a lot of cheese, yogurt, black beans, bananas, hotdogs, whole wheat toast, cereal and pureed veggies. This week, she started eating spinach and mushroom quesadillas. She eats almost as much as I do some days! She's been sleeping in her crib for naps and at night now consistently. She much prefers walking to being carried and she doesn't mind wearing shoes. She's not my babe in arms any longer! Like I've blogged recently, her communication skills are expanding, but not always sticking. She'll say a word a few times or even for a day or two and then I can't coax it out of her for anything. The mysteries of infant development.